It’s a Personal Choice

When we first went gluten free, I did not initially clean out the pantry of all gluten products as all of the books suggest.  I figured we would ease into it and replace items with gluten free products as we use them up.  But, within a week or so, it was time, we were committed and we started giving away our wheat based products.  Some went to neighbors, some went to the local food bank and opened packages of crackers etc, went in the trash.   It was personally hard to even give away the wheat based products to neighbors and the local food bank because by then I was convinced no one needed gluten and would be healthier without it.

On the other hand, we had been eating gluten based products, seemingly without any issues, for our entire lives and everyone around us enjoyed these products without issue.  But, the more I learned about gluten, the more convinced I was that our family did not need it.  So, I finally accepted the fact that it is a personal decision for everyone and the sun will rise tomorrow on wheat crops across the country.

I think we all become so passionate about decisions we make, that we look for validation from others to agree with our decision and follow along.   I remember when my friends and I all started having children, sometimes you were thrilled with a friend’s shared experience and recommendations and sometimes you thought – no way, not my child.   Looking back now, all of our children turned out great whether or not they started apple juice at 6 months, 12 months or 2 years, watered down or normal concentration levels :).   So, for those of us with no known issues with gluten, it really is just a Personal Choice to go Gluten Free or Not.

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