Is GF Nutritious?

Just to make sure everyone is clear, gluten free (GF) alternative products are NOT necessarily nutritious.   But, in most cases the wheat version of the product you are seeking a GF alternative for, is also NOT nutritious.    Most breads and pastas are ‘Enriched’ with vitamins & minerals.  It is not the wheat/barley/rye  itself that is providing any type of nutrient but the added enrichment.  And, because of the preservatives, dough softeners and other additives common in today’s processed and mass produced packaged products, I can assure you the net effect is a deficient to your body’s nutritious balance (more junk than nutrient), once these ‘Enriched” bread products are ingested.

On the other hand, many GF products do not have any preservatives or additives added and though not a vitamin or mineral rich flour, the products do provide caloric energy without the negative stress on the body associated with gluten and additives.

I worked for a Swedish company for many years.  One of my colleagues asked me, ” why a package of bread on the counter in their kitchen did not mold, because within 3-4 days in Sweden, it would be molding.”  I had to be honest with him.  When you think about it – YUK!

My family’s GF journey is mostly fresh cooked & raw vegetables, soaked legumes, green leafy things from our garden, fresh fruit, unsalted roasted nuts, wild caught fish & animal protein – as organic, free range, grass-fed  and natural, as possible.   We treat ourselves from time to time with a little natural ingredient ice cream, Kind bars, chocolate and sometimes homemade desserts.  However, like all people we miss the foods we grew up with and have enjoyed – if only on rare occasion, until we went GF.   It is these foods, along with daily staples needed for children’s lunches and snacks, I want to help families transition to GF, in as easy and cost effective a manner, as possible.

Once I have the basics of GF substitution and transition covered, I’ll focus more on the ideal nutritious balance, we all seek.

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