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Pizza – Yummy!

When the kids are hungry and your getting home late from work, you just need to be able to order a good gluten free pizza and have it delivered.  So, ask your local pizza store, you’d be surprised how many of the boutique and locally owned stores have a gluten free crust available now.  This works for gluten intolerant folks but not for someone with Celiac’s…it is impossible for a kitchen to handle wheat flour and gluten free flour products with out some small amount of cross contamination.

But, once you get the basics down on going gluten free, it is easy to make yummy pizza at home.  I found this product and was amazed at how good it is.  It originally was not even marketed as gluten free.  Read the story on the origins of this type of flatbread that is perfect gluten free pizza crust.

OK, here is my recommendation…add an additional 2 T of melted butter or olive oil to the mixture.  Other than that, top with your favorite toppings and cook for 15 – 20 minutes per the box.  It takes longer to cut up the toppings than it does to make the crust, so make it a family affair.

We have a favorite long time Dallas area pizza joint that makes the most amazing pizza.  They do have gluten free crust but it is a bit dry and tastless.  However, their pizza sauce and toppings, cut up really small, are what make it great. And, I believe their amazing pizza sauce is just spiced up tomato paste.    So, I top my Chebe crust with a layer of organic tomato paste, sprinkle some oregano, garlic powder and a few other italiano spices and then add the browned sausage, veggies and cheese.   My picky last teen at home (17 yrs), was very complementary of this pizza; indicated it was as good as our favorite Pizza joint and then almost choked because even he was so surprised at his overwhelming generous complement – usually he is a bit of a complainer or just says nothing, because there is nothing good to say.   So, there you go…can’t get a better endorsement than from a picky 17 yr old.   My college age daughter and friends were home for spring break a few weeks ago and helped me make two of these pizzas…not a piece was left.

Other tips:

1) I use a 9 x 13 glass pyrex casserole dish rather than a 14 inch pizza pan.  The last thing I need is another special pan.

2) Just top it with your favorite cheese to make super cheese bread to go with salad.

3) Tomato Cheese bread: Cook the crust and allow to cool. About an hour before dinner, brush the top of the crust with olive oil,  sprinkle some garlic powder, salt & pepper to taste, then add fresh tomato slices, basil and Italian cheese blend for tomato cheese bread. Cook just long enough to heat through and lightly melt the cheese.  Perfect bread side and no will even know, it is gluten free.

It can be found at most natural food stores and is available at some Walmart locations.


How & Why I’m Gluten Free?

Hippocrates is considered the father of modern medicine. One of his most famous quotes is “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food”.  This became my guiding principle as I became more and more aware of how what we eat impacts our health and well being.  Because so much of what people eat today has no real nutritional value to their bodies, it cannot be called food.  Going gluten free is one of many changes our family has made through the years…mostly due to my incessant reading and digestion of information, various opinions and finally coming to my own opinion of what is logical and right from all of the information available.

It is this overwhelming amount of information and differences of medical opinion most find so confusing and frustrating when trying to make good decisions about eating for both themselves and their families.   I’ve found several sources I trust most and will cite these resources when quoted.  But, this blog site will be focused specifically on what I’ve learned through the years and going gluten free – the fastest and easiest way.

It has taken years, but my husband no longer questions what changes I’m making to our diet as he is convinced the changes are benefiting him.  And, since I am still putting great food on the table, what is there to complain about – right?

As a family, we all went gluten free on Dec 13, 2011.   Hubby and I had attended the Weston A. Price (www.westonaprice.org) conference in Dallas and one of the sessions was about how toxicity in our organs can impact your muscle functioning.  After additional research, we determined our health would be better off without gluten.  Why? Because of the most basic facts:

1) Gluten is a protein in Wheat, Barley & Rye, divinely designed for digestion by a multi compartment/stomach system like those found in grazing animals – Ruminating (cud chewing) mammals include cattle, goats, sheep, giraffes, bison, yaks, buffalo, deer, camels, gazelles, dik diks, mouse deer, hartebeests, wildebeests, etc.  Not ideal for human digestive systems.

2) Wheat, Barley & Rye grains today have significantly more gluten in them than 100 yrs ago.  They have been cultivated to have more gluten, so that your piece of bread’s nutritional information can state it has more protein – my opinion for the cultivation.

3) Because the human digestive system is not designed to handle gluten, it is more an irritant or anti-nutrient to your body.  So, even though your bread label says 2 grams of protein…you can’t use it.

There are a host of studies and opinions, but it is estimated that 75% or more of patients with IBS (Irritable Bowl Syndrome) are really just gluten intolerant.

My family is gluten intolerant.  We had no specific issues when we made the gluten free decision, but felt we would be better off making the change…and hopefully, head off any problems down the road.

What I miss most after going gluten free, a cold beer after a hot day working in my organic garden… but, I’ll save that for a later post.  Tomorrow –  getting started –  gluten free cooking and eating.